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Three Books for the Holidays; and a look ahead

I spent more than a few years without a close family situation; so I well remember what it was like during the holidays in the 80's and 90's when various wrestlers, bands and other misfits would be looking for something to do and knew where to find entertainment and a full fridge. A safe haven with no religious overtones as it were.

This year one of our interns, Silent Mitch, is having the time of his life Christmas night at the ol' office, watching a 1990 episode of TSN's Pro Wrestling Plus and asking why the style was so different from area to area, why was there so much noise for the Rock and Roll Express, and was that really Bruno's son wrestling in front of 200 people in a Georgia bar? (When I told him there were hundreds of tapes just like it in our vault, he was speeechless.)

Hopefully everyone's enjoying a peaceful and safe holiday.

Three books we've discussed lately on the show, that listeners have asked for us to put information about online.

* We'…

Read it for yourself-- the Derelict Buildings bylaw report

One listener call that came up this week that had to be addressed, was a request to provide a link to the report presented to the Property Committee about the "success" of the Derelict Building bylaw in Winnipeg.

It's in a PDF file,

Scroll to agenda item number 10 and click on it. It is a lengthy document you can read page by page.

The numbers asked of the administration don't get presented until Page 11.
Numbers like -prosecutions - "33."

Your feedback welcome at

This week- Frank the Italian Barber Monday, Chanukah Tuesday, Kelly Dehn of CTV Wednesday, Jon Waldman of Slam!Sports Thursday and Denise of Body by Denise on Friday !

Oh what will Frank say about the big loss?

Although the team made a valiant effort, the Blue Bombers fell short against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The team played over their heads in making up for the absence of QB Kevin Glenn, and were only one late drive from bringing home the Grey Cup.

Tomorrow on The Great Canadian Talk Show, Frank the Italian Barber and Atlantic Pizza's TJ Bratt will mull over the result and the team's future under the proposed private ownership of David Asper.

Later this week, on Wednesday Kelly Dehn of CTV will give us an eyewitness account of the week in Toronto and of the game; and on Thursday Jon Waldman of Slam!Sports will look towards the changes the team may need to make to finally win the big game.

Plus more news and current affairs, special interviews (last Friday's with Global-TV reporter Mike Brown about local news coverage was fascinating), and of course your calls. Wednesday (after 4.40 PM) also includes a special segment all about how our student ops are Trekkies but only of the…

The Great Canadian Talk Year- thanks to...

Tuesday marks our first anniversary on Kick-FM. My deepest appreciation is expressed to:

Station manager Rick Baverstock for giving me the opportunity to return to the local airwaves and do it my way.

John Pura of RRC has gone way beyond the call of duty to solve computer and operating board emergencies and make sure we never missed an episode.

People in the Control Room over the past year such as senior producer Captain Audio, Shannah-Lee, Gavin, Josh, Deniz ( back to visit in December!) , Matt, Rudy, Dave, and Spirited Kenny, without whom the show would never be heard. They do what I cannot, handle the technical aspects. Their on-air contributions are also a big part of the success the show has enjoyed.

Kenny in particular handled our live remote from Victoria after the Dragons Den appearance expertly, and his CanAlert series is a seriously great story about public safety. And we became involved with promoting the Brewnos through our ops, and I can't wait till the next event on Ap…

Fast notes: Jericho replay; Thanks to the St B Riels; Anniversary show Nov. 20th

1) The replay of our much-talked about interview with Chris Jericho is today, Sunday, at 8 PM Central Time.

Exclusive comments from Chris about his earliest days in the local ring wars with the likes of Caveman Broda, Brian Jewel, Bulldog Brown, Mike Lozanski and more. No other interviewer can discuss his meanderings across the continent and the characters whose path Jericho crossed better than myself, since we crossed paths his very first day before I went down the road to Calgary, Vancouver, SoCal and Mexico about 2 years before he did. He said he wanted to do a part two of our discussion sometime this week -- and we are working on it !

Chris wil be at McNally-Robinson at Grant Park Mall on Thursday at 8 PM, to sign hisbook, A Lion's Tale, Around the World in Spandex.

2) I want to pay a special thanks to the St Boniface Riels and owner Larry Frykas for asking me to make the keynote address at their fundraising dinner this past Thursday.

It was impossible to follow coach Brian Smiley…

A big week coming up on TGCTS

This coming week is a must-not-miss 5 days on The Great Canadian Talk Show:

Monday: We dissect the latest smear in the relentless anti-Sam Katz campaign spearheaded by Free Press columnist Gordon Sinclair and ask more questions about the different standards applied to Katz than to friends of the newspaper like University of Winnipeg President Lloyd Axworthy; also the publisher of the new Manitoba Score Magazine, Tom Thiessen, will be in studio with Marty and Frank the Italian Barber to talk about his business plan to give amateur sports the coverage it is denied by mainstream media outlets.

Tuesday:Councillor Harvey Smith will appear in studio at 4.05 PM to explain the findings of the City Finance Committee in their investigation into the multi-million dollar overruns for the West End pollution control plant.

Chairman Coun. Mike O'Shaughnessy will only discuss the story with "reporters he has a prior relationship with" at CBC -- despite our numerous requests for an intervi…

CBC-TV's Dragons' Den Monday night -- and then we're LIVE from VICTORIA on TUESDAY !

The Great Canadian Talk Show on 92.9 Kick-FM will broadcast LIVE from Victoria, British Columbia this Tuesday, October 9 at 4 PM !

Host Marty Gold, with special guests from ISE Television Ltd., will have exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of what happened Thanksgiving night, when we made our best "elevator pitch" to CBC TV's The Dragons' Den - 5 of Canada's most successful business leaders - trying to convince them to back our pre-sold TV series.

And Spirited Kenny will be in the Winnipeg studio with exclusive information about the federal CANALERT program, which is supposed to warn Canadians and help protect them from weather emergencies like tornados, but has been strangled by bureaucratic neglect.

Here is the press release explaining what the CBC show is all about:

Power Pro Wrestling takes on The Dragons’ Den, Monday October 8th @ 8PM on the CBC. Check local listings for channel.

Business consultant “Dirty Money” Shaun Myall of Victoria and broadcaster/producer …

Point Douglas residents take back their neighborhood this Wednesday

During today's program, we received an email that is right in line with one of our main themes - crack cocaine and gangs threaten the fibre of our city and the safety of our streets.

We've had many elected officials on the show including Point Douglas MLA George Hickes and Mynarski councilman Harry Lazarenko, who represent the most endangered residents of Winnipeg. Full of platitudes and little in terms of commitment to take on gangs head-on, from two politicians who have been in office for a combined 50 years.

The kids from Norquay School beseached Govenor General Michaelle Jean for relief last June, and spurred the residents committee to take a stand starting with addressing then - CAO of Winnipeg Annitta Stenning during meetings for public input into hiring a new police chief. A mere week after they complained that nothing had been done by police about crack houses on two streets, a SWAT team swooped in.

Now they embark on Phase Two, and will hold a public gathering on Wedne…

More O'Learygate Daily Questions, Guests galore

A quick note to thank all of you who are emailing the show at with your comments, complimenets and story tips.

Also special thanks to our board ops - Shannah-Lee who returned from a summer job, the versatile Spirited Kenny, pinch-hitter deluxe Dave Shorr, and we welcome the new interns who are learning the ropes with our unique format.

This week has been very busy as we put the finishing touches on an upcoming magazine story; follow-up on the Radocaj murder and the death of former AWA wrestler, Transcona's Monte Black; dissect the Free Press/Lindor Reynolds series on the First Nations CFS failures to save children's lives and the key points the Free Press refuses to report on; and keep an eye on the "Premier Doer Caravan o' Justice Reform" trip to Ottawa to pursuade the feds to toughen the Criminal Code and protect us from car thieves and gang-bangers.

Every day at 4.30 PM, we continue our analysis of the Seven Oaks School Division Swinford Park land d…

Former Winnipeg Wrestler found murdered

I only knew him briefly over a period of about 5 years through the 1980's, starting with me holding a microphone straight up in the air to interview him with New Brand Wrestling on Videon.

Big John Radocaj, who promoter Walter Shefchyk affectionately called Lumpy the Giant, was by far the tallest wrestler around at 6'9", and as Ivan the Giant wrestled off and on from about 1982-85.

He never really took to the effort needed to travel the territories in those days, but at his size he could have made a bundle. He was the proverbial wouldn't hurt a fly kind of giant, very easy going and never in a hurry. And he loved a good sandwich.

Shefchyk even tried to repackage him in what was a major sports scandal at the time, when the wily promoter sidestepped the Manitoba Boxing and Wrestling Commission and started the NorthAmerican Sumo Style Championships.

It was a shoot but the rules made it relatively harmless- striking was limited, there was no submissions holds involved, an…

Magnus Avenue fights back; Where's the love for Indian Jack Jacobs?;

We had the exclusive in-depth interview last week about how the families of Magnus Avenue began to fight back, and challenged their elected officials to lead.

A class project idea turned Selina Driskell into a focal point of the safety issues on the beleagured street, as she helped spearhead a street festival using the grounds of William White School. On ten day's notice and with no funding, community groups such as Prosvida Legion, CEDA, and MADD.

Although the mainstream media missed the point, seeing only the usual kids games and aboriginal music to hot fdog line-ups video, we knew this was about a neighborhood that needed a break to fight the rancid 'Homicide Heights' monicker slapped on them by the Free Press. About 300 folks of all ages and plenty of kids wandered through, with the usual distractions and crafts for play.

And notable by their absence- although Selena said that the invites went out very late and I won't argue with her on this - but we couldn't he…

Exclusive: Pictures of the $819,000 Swinford Park Eyesore

Last night we received another email from the Seven Oaks School Division whistleblower, Robert Snyder.

He took a series of photos of the scene of the never-authorized school site and illicit land development west of Main Street, covertly undertaken by the SOSD and ignored by NDP-connected officials at the Public Schools Finance Board and by the Education Minister Peter Bjornson.

Although the Provincial Auditor claims the project has a value of over $819,000, you the taxpayer can judge for yourself.

Have the weed-filled ditches, dirt berms, and muddy trucktracks on the site, enhanced the value of the site and the homes beside Swinford Park ?

Or do you think the property now appears LESS valuable because of the harm done to the environment (look for the pictures of the 'frog pond') and because of the unsightly construction mess of a "school" which may never be built ?

Tell us what you think Well have more on O'Learygate tomorrow and Friday on our show…

Seven Oaks School Division whistleblower: Bjornson should resign after Special Audit into O'Learygate

Today listeners of The Great Canadian Talk Show heard the exclusive comments of Robert Snyder, whose questions to Manitoba Education Minister Peter Bjornson about the concealed role of the Seven Oaks School Division in an illicit money-losing land development scheme led to a 20 month long audit.

Snyder says that now it is confirmed his questions were totally ignored by the Minister, Bjornson "should be asked to resign".

Snyder detailed the abusive treatment he was subjected to on his website, He was given a misleading response drafted by the people behind the unauthorized foray into Swinford Park which was then signed by Bjornson. In 2005 Bjornson told the Legislature he had never gotten a complaint about SOSD and then had to recant when the letter was produced.

And that's not all.

* Snyder questions whether unauthorized officials had access to his email before the Minister and began to organize a speedy cover-up before the complaint wa…

The best topics, insight and guests all summer long on TGCTS

First of all a big thanks to our sponsors Unicity Taxi, Canada Sheli and The Focal Point on the U of M campus. If you know of other potential advertisers or sponsors please email us and we'll follow up. We;'d love to expand to two hours daily but we have to sell out our available ad time first before we can grow the show.

Starting this Thursday we're going to be giving away vouchers for Unicity Taxi service in a special contest involving song lyrics. Tune in to win!!

As we wind our way through summer, we've brought all the news and views about issues like:

* the downtown nightclub shootings at ALIVE and Metro Nitelife and the pressure from downtown hotspots for police to park outside ritzy clubs when they claim they cannot spare manpower to patrol residential neighborhoods like Spence and Magnus;

* the role of doormen and the apparent lack of cooperation between nightclub security and the police force;

* the total lack of responsibility taken by child welfare…

We now resume regular blogging...

Sorry for the interruption. I've noticed a fair amount of traffic still comes here and I wanted to update the basics.

The weekly update was discontinued due to a variety of issues -- mostly time management with so much on the go, and the fact that to stay on the air we have stayed focused on building the radio audience and developing relationships with sponsors.

If you believe in what we do on TGCTS and want to support alternative news gathering in Winnipeg, please contact us about creating a special ad campaign on radio and in print for your service or business. To keep the program on the air and to expand to two hours, we need the support of listeners and businesses in Manitoba.

Yes Winnipeg's only drive-home call-in show is still on the air from 4-5 PM Central time daily and replayed Sunday nights from 7-midnight. The Sunday night replays have become very popular with summer cruisers.You can tune in via our website .

Our guests the past 3 months have include…

CBC poll results help us expose Free Press spin; March 19th -26th

Over the weekend the Winnipeg Free Press released the results of a poll conducted by Probe Research about opolitics and issues. This resulted in an opportunity to provide another lesson in journalism for our listeners, because the story was not in the poll itself, but in the way the paper manipulated the results.

On Tuesday when the CBC released their own results -- from the same poll -- of questions they asked of the electorate, the lesson became a weeklong journey into how mainstream media uses polls to create news and then confuse voters by presenting the information in a twisted manner.

The Free Press reported that the Doer NDP government and PC opposition were tied in popular support among decided voters at 40%, but the riding splits would give the NDP another win at the ballot box.

Our focus was on the Freep's coverage of one issue in the poll questions- about the Crocus Investment Fund scandal.

Freep analyst Mia Rabson repeated the "finding" that only 2% of those poll…

Leaked emails cast NDP Crocus denials in new light- March 12th - 16th

Another week of digging into the Crocus story, spurred on by more Tom Brodbeck bombshells about the Crocus Investment Fund in the Sun over the weekend. Then we got into the act by getting our own copy of the newest batch of leaks coming out of the Department of Finance. The Free Press didn't have em, the Tories didn't have em, but we did after an on-air surprise email. It led to us breaking more news and analysis that closed the gap between the NDP government and the collapse of the Fund.

Monday: We kicked things off with an interview with Sprinfield MLA Ron Schuler. Tarring the government as being knee deep in covering their tracks, Schuler said the Brodbeck excerpts proved that the government knew about trouble at Crocus and should never have allowed John Loewen to be stifled by Crocus officials when he tried to raise alarms in Feb. 2002. While he was defending Loewen, an email arrived on our screen with the emails in full, a startling sequence outlining a discussion between …

The Crocus Cabinet Cover-Up series: March 5th- 9th

When Premier Gary Doer returned from Washington DC last Thursday he had to immediately try to do damage control duties over a Cabinet briefing note from November 2000, which was leaked to the Liberal caucus.

Doer tried to convince the media that the Cabinet memo which hit the press while he was away, had nothing new and it was already covered by the Singleton audit, and claimed it didn't in any way show his government had acted specifically to cover up for the Fund operating in contravantion to the perspectus. Problem was, even if some in MSM took the bait, a lot of things were being looked at by the public in a new light -- and found wanting.

That didn't matter to the Free Press, who devoted an entire front page of the Saturday paper to pointing readers to an "analysis" provided by "an unnamed Grit source" that tried to downplay the collapse and losses of 34,000 shareholders.

The Great Canadian Talk Show dedicated a special week to getting into the contents o…