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Wrestling icon Killer Kowalski, 81, passes

portrait of Killer Kowalski by Brian Howell,

The Polish giant lost his last match Saturday morning but his name will live on in the annals of wrestling history and pop culture. Walter (born Edward Walter Spulnik on October 13, 1928) was born in Windsor, Ontario but lived out his years in Massachusetts.
When I was a child, the wrestlers names most often mentioned by my older relatives were Whipper Billy Watson, Gorgeous George, and always together, Yukon Eric and Killer Kowalski. It was only when I got into the wrestling game in my 20's that I learned that Kowalski had not bitten Eric's ear off, but rather had accidentally sheared the cauliflowered appendage off with a kneedrop in a bout in Montreal. The notoriety made his career, and he held recognition as World Champion in the hot Montreal market 12 times and headlined there into the mid-70's with and against legends like Mad Dog Vachon, Eduardo Carpentier, Don Leo Jonathon, Johnny Ro…

No summer slowdown for us

In the past two months, The Great Canadian Talk Show completely dispelled the old excuse of MSM that "there is no news to report in Winnipeg in the summertime."

The highlights of the summer of '08 included:

- getting Coun. Mike Pagtakhan in-studio for over an hour, for a frank discussion about South Point Douglas redevelopment, Health Sciences centre expansion, and the state of the city;

- tracking the spotty reporting by MSM of the Taman Inquiry and the Dumas Inquest;

- continuing coverage of the 511 emergency response program, doggedly pursued by Spirited Kenny;

- the attempt by government and child welfare officials to sweep the Gage Guimond death report under the rug;

- our insiders' look at the CRTC-ordered demise of Harmony Broadcasting and "Flava 107.9";
- special twenty year retrospectives on the road accident that killed wrestlers Adrian Adonis, Bearman Dave McKigney and Pat Kelly in Newfoundland, and the murder of Frank "Bruiser Brody" G…

CDI College on-site show huge success; special guests and reports round out the summer of 08

Our first ever remote broadcast was a huge success. CDI College was very enthusiastic and made all possible accomodations to ensure the broadcast from their campus at 280 Main Street went smoothly. That was quite a crowd that gathered in the lobby to watch and it gave me an idea for the future...

What was really impressive was the obvious respect the students and staff have for each other. We spoke to 3 of the students on-air (2 single mothers), and all had experienced a difficult path in life before resuming their education. With the help of CDI they were able to find a course and schedule that could work for them.

Acting Director of CDI Winnipeg Tahl East announced a prize draw, for anyone that makes and attends an appointment to learn more about the courses at the College.

If you (or someone you know) is interested in their programs such as Addictions Worker, Dental Assistant, Legal or Medical Office or Business Administrator, or their IT Courses, call CDI at 942-1773, and tell them y…

MSM can't get enough TGCTS

Once again, welcome to all our new readers and listeners !

Ever since we challenged award-winning columnist Gordon Sinclair to toss his own hat in the mayoral ring and run against Sam Katz himself, and stop hiding behind surrogates like Glen Murray or Lloyd Axworthy, Winnipeg Free Press employees have been buzzing on the internet about our show and keep tuning in, anxious to hear what the latest episode will bring. And a surge of Free Press readers have been emailing us with support for our show and our breaking stories.

The alternative media has been opening people's eyes to the role of the gatekeepers in Winnipeg and how they try to control the news. The growth of the show by an extra 30 minutes starting in September is a direct result of an audience hungry for more information and a chance to speak up on our call-in segments.

We will continue to hold elected officials and the gatekeepers in the mainstream media accountable, as per our promise on 'Manifesto Monday' in Janu…

Audience grows across province just in time to hear more exclusive news and analysis

Welcome to our new readers in Western Manitoba and Brandon !

You can listen to The Great Canadian Talk Show at the following times, by going to the www.Kick.Fm website and pressing the listen live icon:

LIVE Mon-Fri: 4 PM
Recent replays Monday- Thursday: 11 Pm
Sunday last week's replays: 7 Pm - way past midnight

Coming up Thursday -- we'll have more about the story we broke exclusively on Tuesday, when Paul St. Laurent claimed police were not being truthful about their seizure of his camera at a crime scene, and a follow-up interview from filmmaker and businessman -- and former Brandonite! -- Dan Denton about the US economic downturn and the effect on auto manufacturing and sales;

Friday, a special follow-up on fallout from the Dumas Inquest, with unreported comments by a public figure that are sure to raise eyebrows across the city; and Jon Waldman from Slam! Sports joins us for an Olympic moment or two;

Next week :
On Monday we'll feature the return of Frank the Italian Barbe…

More CFS insight today, and "human rights" (not) for Ontario doctors

Today at 4 PM we will have part 2 of our look into the report into the death of Gage Guimond under the "watch" of Sagkeeng CFS.

The financial reports we will detail, expose an agency that was used to advance the personal agendas of power-brokers -- at the expense of child safety and human life, all done with under the aegis of the NDP government devolution policy.

As well we will also tell you about the report into the Cree Nation CFS, which contained 21 recommendations. Already one of them- that the Board of the agency curtail excessive spending - was rejected out of hand because, well, they have some sort of sense of entitlement. We'll tell you who these people are, later today.

Our request for an interview with Family Services Minister Gord Macintosh has been forwarded to his office, and we await his response.

On August 3rd, in an op-ed piece in the Free Press, representatives of True North defended their original financing agreements with governments, after th…

We're an uncle- except for Shannah-Lee, she's an aunt

Spirited Kenny and his other better half Mrs. Spirited Kenny have welcomed their first child and we are thrilled at the news.

Nathan Wolfgang Robert was born on Monday Aug 11th at 6:56 AM , weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz, and measuring just under 21 inches. He demanded his first meal be Half Pints newest product, Baby Brew, but was overruled.

The Great Canadian Talk Show will bring regular reports to listeners on the journey of Kenny from scientist to diaper-changer.


Part 1 of our analysis of the Gage Guimond Section 4 Review Report

The mainstream media's coverage of the Section 4 Review in Regard to the Death of Gage Guimond had many holes indeed.

Some MSM sympathisers have said "The news needs to be fresh. This is old. They need to move on". Maybe.

However, combine that notion with the calculated sunny Friday timing of the release and the Monday morning redirection by the NDP and you have a classic smokescreen.

The release of the damning report came early Friday July 18. Morning talk show hosts had likely already done their show prep and were set to go on air when the 109 page review hit the desk. What to do? Scan through the report and try to get some info out to the people and maybe get some CFS or Government reps on the air to respond. Uhm, nobody's available until at least the afternoon. Niiiice.

Richard Cloutier on CJOB did dig into some of the horrific findings of the review and did a good job on short notice. However, one would figure the NDP was aware that many Manitobans had their attent…

AMC: :"One minute to Midnight" before race riots occur

A full deck of race cards was played in a bizarre street theatre press conference held by a half dozen First Nations organizations, in front of 788 Simcoe Street today.

While some leaders made statements that attempted to balance the families' grief and a search for truth into what led to the shooting of 26 year old Craig McDougall, other militants chose to selectively disclose the accounts of "credible witnesses" to smear police as enjoying "a killing spree" and to threaten the public peace.

According to the leaders, Winnipeg police were responding to a single call for assistance from the house after a fight between two girls. They claim McDougall, who they admitted had a criminal record, was walking home and was on a cellphone with his girlfriend, standing inside the yard, when 6 cops came up to the short fence and gate.

Among the statements made by Chief Jerry Knott of Wasagamack where the family are members:

* "Deadly force was not necessary"
* &quo…

Simcoe shooting scene told a story even when family didn't today

We were at the "false alarm" press conference this morning at 788 Simcoe- where police shot a man this weekend after responding to 911 calls. ("False alarm" because a mix-up had news crews scrambling this morning but the family and their Wasagamack Band representatives will actually hold a media session tomorrow at 11 AM.)

A statement was already issued accusing Winnipeg Police of "wrongdoing" and committing a "senseless killing", ignoring reports that police believed Craig McDougall -- who lived at the home with his father and sister -- was wielding a knife and then was not dropped by a taser.

However there is news to report even from attending the non-event;

- What the neighborhood looks and feels like
- The shooting as understood by reporters
- The condition of the house and yard
- What was said when suddenly relatives started coming back to collect belongings
- The controversial sidewalk comments about city police and racism from Councillor Harvey …