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Exclusive: TGCTS steps into Iggy's challenge to debate Harper mano - a - mano

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We further propose that the debate be held here in our hometown of Winnipeg, in the middle of the country. Open debate of public policy is what The Great Canadian Talk Show practiced for 4 years.

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Winnipeg community speaks out as Red River College cover-up collapses

Radio listeners and blog readers react to our investigation into how Red River College tried control community access to Kick-Fm to placate Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand and unelected NDP Premier Greg Selinger:

From: "Mark Pilon"
To: Chair, Red River College Board of Governors
Good Afternoon Ms. Feller,

I have been a long-time supporter of Marty Gold and The Great Canadian Talk Show on Kick-FM at RRC. I was extremely disappointed when his show was taken off of the air. I was even more disgusted with the deceitful and illegal way it was done. Those responsible not only harmed his reputation, but also his means of income.

I am a RRC graduate from 2007 and I am absolutely appalled that something like this could even happen from the college that I went to. It's definitely not the ethics that was instilled to us students when I attended.

I am under the impression that there is an investigation into this matter. I would like to insist that there…

Kick-FM volunteer seeks Whistleblower Protection after reporting "Executive Committee" fraud

Longtime Kick-FM host Ken Atamanchuk has filed a detailed official complaint with the non-profit that operates the station on the Red River College campus, after discovering the shadowy "Executive Committee" that has taken control of the Board in the last 6 months does not exist in the Bylaws and has no legal authority.

The ficticious "Committee" is composed of the officers of Cre-Comm Inc., and includes 2 commercial radio executives, and RRC representatives Larry Partap and College legal beagle Robert Buisson, who replaced the memory-challenged RRC vice-president Cathy Rushton after the Annual General Meeting in December.

In a Facebook note to the 420 members of the Red River College Kills Free speech on 92.9 Kick FM group, which was formed after the "Executive Committee" canceled The Great Canadian Talk Show without notice in November, 'Spirited Kenny' posted :

"This morning I asked for Whistleblower Protection when I filed a formal 8 point …

Cathy Rushton mocked Kick-FM listeners as Graham Thomson misled blogger about appeal

The first week without The Great Canadian Talk Show was almost done and Cathy Rushton was already looking forward to holiday cheer.

The Red River College vice-president and her fellow employees, acting on the 'suggestion' from their boss RRC president Stephanie Forsyth to silence the popular show after being pressured by Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand, had connived a way to sidestep the Board of the non-profit that ran Kick-FM on the Princess St. campus.

The "Executive Committee" of Cre Comm Inc., which included Rushton and Creative Arts Department Chair Larry Partap, had "held a meeting" on November 2nd and "made a decision" to "refocus the station" and give the boot to all non-student hosts to make sure to be rid of Marty Gold.

It was Friday and Cathy Rushton wanted to wrap up the week of concocting cover-ups.

Two days earlier, Dean of Business Graham Thomson, who was the first member of Kick-FM's Board to learn of Goodha…

Red River College Graduate to President Stephanie Forsyth: It's time to stop being selfish and do what is right

(Left) A picture of jet-lagged Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth forlornly waiting for her luggage at the airport on Sunday March 6th, after returning to Winnipeg from Vancouver.

Was she contemplating the rumoured-and-since-confirmed retirement of respected journalism instructor Steve Vogelsang from the Creative Communications program ? Or the responses to the advertised job search for a new executive assistant to replace the departing Deb Pokrant, now under scrutiny for allegedly breaching the privacy of Kick-FM volunteer host Spirited Kenny by circulating a bogus complaint from Premier Selinger's NDP government within the College ?

Yesterday, internal emails were published that proved Stephanie Forsyth's agents on the Kick-FM Board knew the 'new policy' used to justify TGCTS being discarded from the airwaves was easily exposed within 48 hours by a former Kick-FM volunteer as nonsense.

The only remaining excuse of the "Executive Committee" to &…

Thomson told Rushton only one excuse was left to justify TGCTS cancellation when 'new policy' scrutinized by RRC grad

On Monday, November 8th, when The Great Canadian Talk Show was canceled on 35 minutes notice by Red River College officials, they thought they had all the angles covered.

- Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand had bypassed formal processes to pressure new president Stephanie Forsyth (with a false complaint) to silence The Great Canadian Talk Show on Kick-FM, the non-profit station that owed the College a huge accumulated financial debt.

- A policy "decision" was purported to have been made at a November 2nd "Executive Committee meeting" that would end all programming by non - Red River students on the station, in circumvention of a full Board vote of approval required under the Bylaws.

That was the only way Forsyth's agents could ensure that Marty Gold would not be able to defend against the Free Press intimidation tactic and be stopped from broadcasts holding the mainstream media ("partners" of Red River College) and "people whose opinio…

Everything you always wanted to know about Dean of Business Graham Thomson but RRC was afraid you'd ask

Recently, many people it seems have become increasingly interested in the Dean of Business and Applied Arts for Red River College, and Cre-Comm Inc. Board member, Graham Thomson.

After all, he was the first person associated with Kick-FM who found out that College president Stephanie Forsyth got a "complaint" from Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand about Marty Gold and "she has her lawyer working on it".

But instead of advising executive assistant Deb Pokrant that the official College policy (as he well knew) was that anyone complaining to the College about the station it funds had to file their complaint, in writing, with station manager Rick Baverstock to prevent intimidation, Thomson had his own policy.

Please his new boss at all costs.

"I don't think the College has the technical ability to remove him from the air ... this could be done without too much trouble, either through a chat with Rick, or more formally, through a board directive", h…