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TGCTS cancelation set up by false allegations Mayor Sam Katz complained

On Thurday, August 12th, Red River College's then-Interim President and CEO Cathy Rushton, gave a heads-up to the Dean of Business Graham Thomson, and the Chair of the Creative Arts department Larry Partap. All 3 were also members of the board of KICK FM.

The college lawyer had just visited Rushton, concerned about a message carried by a former city hall employee now planted within RRC's administration.

The warning was from unidentified Active Transportation supporters that the College might be dragged into a courtroom if TGCTS persisted giving a voice to community concerns about the controversial bike lanes, and the messenger was "quite concerned about the effect this might have on our relationship with the City", which was spending $20 million on the projects.

Rushton wrote she had "explained the station is a separate entity", so the lawyer felt better about the potential liability…

Margo Goodhand nailed coffin shut on TGCTS by doing drive-by on station manager Rick Baverstock

Margo Goodhand wanted to make sure she got a good night's sleep before another hard week of work as Editor of the Winnipeg Free Press.

So on Sunday night, November 7th, Margo sent yet another email to her new bff, Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth.

She hadn't gotten an email in response to her first one on October 22nd, in which Margo hysterically railed about how the College was "granting (Marty Gold) a daily podium for his rants ... on a student radio station which is training young journalists (and) is unconscionable"and "this had to be kept confidential for the time being".

"Thought I better let you know" that the secret attack on free speech was not kept confidential, and that someone was defending Marty Gold in emails to FP online editor, John White.

That someone was KICK FM station manager Rick Baverstock, and on Saturday November 6th, he had blown Margo's cover.

Forsyth's edict to kill The Great Canadian Talk Show had been d…

Margo Goodhand lawyered up on the way to Stephanie Forsyth's House of Censorship

The phone call Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand made to Stephanie Forsyth to have a chat about The Great Canadian Talk Show, was no spur of the moment act.

As the email Margo sent to the Red River College president to continue the attack on Kick-FM host Marty Gold proves, Margo had embarked on a trial run of her accusations and half-truths first.

Just trying to be helpful, no doubt, she sent proof that the self-righteousness of her crusade against scrutiny and accountability by campus radio, was sanctioned by a higher authority.

Not by FP publisher Bob Cox.
Not by owner Bob Silver.
But by their lawyer, who had received a (WRHA-surplus) brown envelope earlier that week, with "a few things" Goodhand collected over the weekend.

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"a specious bio on Marty Gold" wrote the alleged journalist, who proceeded to claim "as far as we know, he's had no journalism training and never actually reported on the 'legislature and sports', ", urgin…

Emails Prove Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth Directed TGCTS Cancellation Cover-Up

After 10 years leading Northwest Community Colleges in the wilderness of Northern BC, Stephanie Forsyth packed her bags and moved to the big city of Winnipeg, to assume duties as President of Red River College on September 27th.

Barely 3 weeks later, on October 22nd, the editor of the big city paper, Margo Goodhand, left a message for her, and Forsyth called her back. Hours later, Goodhand itemized why she had called, and it wasn't because she was with the Welcome Wagon.

Graham Thomson, the Dean of Business for RRC and an ex-officio member of the Kick-FM Board, was told to get the goods on Marty Gold so Forsyth could deliver the file to the College lawyer so he could build a case to get the show knocked off the airwaves.

Thomson's task was complicated by the fact there were no complaints on file, but even if there had been,

" I don't think the College has the technical ability to remove him from the a…

Red River College emails prove FP editor Margo Goodhand prompted cancellation of TGCTS

One of the hallmarks of The Great Canadian Talk Show was our Lessons In Journalism, in which the listening audience and student broadcasters would have facts laid before them about reporting in Winnipeg and beyond.

Not infrequently, the Winnipeg Free Press was placed under the microscope as we would examine the reported details of their stories, compare against the reports in other media (including bloggers), and the unreported facts already known to us and others.

We would establish the biases, slants, and selective quotes published, and hold the Free Press to account.

Free Press editor Margo Goodhand has lectured others, notably conservative politicians, for being thin-skinned about being criticized.

But, there is no one with thinner skin than professional journalists.

This Fall, TGCTS took the Free Press to task for their failure to report on the public admission of city council candidate Ross Ea…

Reach for the Top 2011: Red River College vs. Kick-FM

When I was growing up in Winnipeg, one of the major accomplishments in our community was to appear on the CBC-TV series 'Reach For the Top'.

The program, hosted by the genial, dulcet-toned, legendary broadcaster Bill Guest, pitted Manitoba high schools in academic competition. Questions about science, history, math, pop culture and of course, the short snappers.

Teams of mostly high school seniors (Grade 12) vied to win their 'flight finals' and move onto the Provincials. The judge was my high school principal, the brilliant and wry-humoured Bernie Melman.

In the 3 channel (not counting French) TV universe, to be seen on the show as a teen, was an enormous accomplishment and brought pride to our community and families.

The lapel pin students earned was illustrated with two hands outstretched around the flame of a torch of knowledge.

Around the rim, encircling those hands, was the inscription:

For Achievement And Excellence

I still have my pin.

In the next few weeks, the modern…

EXCLUSIVE: Premier Selinger cries to Stephanie Forsyth: Shut up yet another critic on Kick-FM

Listeners of 'The Kenny Show on 92.9 Kick-FM' were stunned to learn the NDP government went straight to Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth in December, and asked her to interfere with freedom of speech on the campus radio station.

And Forsyth, no stranger to kow-towing to the demands of the thin-skinned elite she courts as Manitoba's newest "practitioner" of advanced education, assigned the corporate counsel of the College to the task and kept station manager Rick Baverstock in the dark for as long as possible, in a failed attempt to reprise of the execution of The Great Canadian Talk Show in November.

HEAR THE SHOW: Discussion of the emails starts about 15 minutes in; the phone message left for the NDP in return is around the 85 minute mark.

The complaint stemmed from a live on-air call to the office of Greg Selinger MLA, aka the unelected Premier of Manitoba, after his St. Boniface constit…