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Magnus Avenue fights back; Where's the love for Indian Jack Jacobs?;

We had the exclusive in-depth interview last week about how the families of Magnus Avenue began to fight back, and challenged their elected officials to lead.

A class project idea turned Selina Driskell into a focal point of the safety issues on the beleagured street, as she helped spearhead a street festival using the grounds of William White School. On ten day's notice and with no funding, community groups such as Prosvida Legion, CEDA, and MADD.

Although the mainstream media missed the point, seeing only the usual kids games and aboriginal music to hot fdog line-ups video, we knew this was about a neighborhood that needed a break to fight the rancid 'Homicide Heights' monicker slapped on them by the Free Press. About 300 folks of all ages and plenty of kids wandered through, with the usual distractions and crafts for play.

And notable by their absence- although Selena said that the invites went out very late and I won't argue with her on this - but we couldn't he…

Exclusive: Pictures of the $819,000 Swinford Park Eyesore

Last night we received another email from the Seven Oaks School Division whistleblower, Robert Snyder.

He took a series of photos of the scene of the never-authorized school site and illicit land development west of Main Street, covertly undertaken by the SOSD and ignored by NDP-connected officials at the Public Schools Finance Board and by the Education Minister Peter Bjornson.

Although the Provincial Auditor claims the project has a value of over $819,000, you the taxpayer can judge for yourself.

Have the weed-filled ditches, dirt berms, and muddy trucktracks on the site, enhanced the value of the site and the homes beside Swinford Park ?

Or do you think the property now appears LESS valuable because of the harm done to the environment (look for the pictures of the 'frog pond') and because of the unsightly construction mess of a "school" which may never be built ?

Tell us what you think Well have more on O'Learygate tomorrow and Friday on our show…

Seven Oaks School Division whistleblower: Bjornson should resign after Special Audit into O'Learygate

Today listeners of The Great Canadian Talk Show heard the exclusive comments of Robert Snyder, whose questions to Manitoba Education Minister Peter Bjornson about the concealed role of the Seven Oaks School Division in an illicit money-losing land development scheme led to a 20 month long audit.

Snyder says that now it is confirmed his questions were totally ignored by the Minister, Bjornson "should be asked to resign".

Snyder detailed the abusive treatment he was subjected to on his website, He was given a misleading response drafted by the people behind the unauthorized foray into Swinford Park which was then signed by Bjornson. In 2005 Bjornson told the Legislature he had never gotten a complaint about SOSD and then had to recant when the letter was produced.

And that's not all.

* Snyder questions whether unauthorized officials had access to his email before the Minister and began to organize a speedy cover-up before the complaint wa…

The best topics, insight and guests all summer long on TGCTS

First of all a big thanks to our sponsors Unicity Taxi, Canada Sheli and The Focal Point on the U of M campus. If you know of other potential advertisers or sponsors please email us and we'll follow up. We;'d love to expand to two hours daily but we have to sell out our available ad time first before we can grow the show.

Starting this Thursday we're going to be giving away vouchers for Unicity Taxi service in a special contest involving song lyrics. Tune in to win!!

As we wind our way through summer, we've brought all the news and views about issues like:

* the downtown nightclub shootings at ALIVE and Metro Nitelife and the pressure from downtown hotspots for police to park outside ritzy clubs when they claim they cannot spare manpower to patrol residential neighborhoods like Spence and Magnus;

* the role of doormen and the apparent lack of cooperation between nightclub security and the police force;

* the total lack of responsibility taken by child welfare…