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Wrapping up 2006: Dec 27 - 29th

Even in a shortened work week, we managed to cover all the bases and break some details on an unusual robbery.

Wednesday: We wrangled Kelly Dehn off his recliner and had the CTV Crime Beat reporter join us during his holiday break. He went over the big stories of 2006 including the Whitmore kidnapping case, police sting operations against outlaw motorcycle gangs, the arrest of 3 Bandidos in an Ontario biker massacre, and the new Crimestat initiative promised by Mayor Katz as a means of improving police response and preventing crime.

We touched on the life and times of three recently departed figures from American life - former US President Gerald Ford and his career as a college athlete and friend of Canada, Frank Tremaine of Associated Press who was the first to report on the attack on Pearl Harbour, and William H. Booth, the former chairman of the Human Rights Commisison of New York City in the late 60's who embarked on bold initiatives to bring blacks and other minorities into p…

Dec. 18th- 21st: Week 5 saw an interview (or two) a day

There was a lot of news and holiday stories to clear out in a shortened week for our program.

Monday: An under-reported story we looked into, was the ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that First Nations' assets could be seized for non-payment of accounts with off-reserve entities. McDiarmid Lumber of Winnipeg had appealed a ruling by Mr. Justice Murray Sinclair, that the God's Lake band could not have their federal funding seized from their bank account to satisfy a $600,000 debt for materials delivered to the band. By a 6-3 margin the SCoC ruled overturned the decision. This paves the way for all reserves, including proposed urban reserves expected to emerge in Winnipeg in the near future, to be held accountable for their transactions and commitments.

One dissenting opinion held that suppliers could simply demand payment in advance; we skewed that theory as coming from someone who obviously had no experience in business and/or a judge who wanted to rule on the inevitable Hu…

December 11th- 15th: Jubilee shooter exclusives and more

The weekend brought a number of issues immediately to the table for our program to start with on Monday.

On a lighter note, we took on the role of Associate Producer for Alex Perez' Slurpee documentary and began by lining up the Winnipeg's famous rock bar, the Zoo, as a filming venue and arranged for the concert by Kiss tribute band, The Paul Stanleys to be captured for the film.
But the big story was the Jubilee shooting and the trickle of rumours and information which came together into more TGCTS exclusives.

Monday: The weekend papers were full of stories about the accused shooter Daniel Anderson, his family, the raid and the aftermath, much of it focused on criticism of Chief Ewatski and his insistance that the operation had followed protocol. And oh yes, our exclusive from Friday was confirmed - that one of the officers injured was shot not by Anderson but by a fellow officer.

On his Free Press blog, sports scribe Paul Wiecek, a former cop beat reporter, echoed many of our co…

Dec. 4th - 8th: Hitting our stride in Week 3

Breaking stories about a police shooting, crime coverage, a new documentary and local entertainment events were front and centre this week on the show.

Monday - The robbery spree in the Health Sciences Centre area was at the top of the agenda with news of 2 incidents late Friday afternoon. Some of the blame was being placed on construction projects at HSC displacing parking spaces, forcing health care workers to navigate the dangerous streets beyond the help of security staff.

Councillor Mike Pagtakhan answered our interview request on very short notice and didn't duck a question. He said that clearly new procedures had to be developed to enhance the safety of the area, and that it was time to review the role of the "catch-and-release" justice system may be playing in the brazen actions of criminals on our downtown streets. Mike said he'd come into the studio with us in the new year to discuss how the situation played out over the holidays and to take calls from our li…

Nov. 27th - Dec. 1st - Recap of week 2

Monday: For the first time we welcomed a guest into our studios, and Winnipeg's Mayor Sam Katz handled everything we could toss at him, starting with an introduction he said was the most unique he had ever heard.

He said that the media scrutiny of his professional and family life would dissuade anyone who had been successful in business from ever again stepping forward to serve in public office. He explained how Crimestat would help stop crime and that the Police force management and rank and file were committed to work on the needed cultural changes to implement the new system. Nothing made him more upset than when the reporters tried to say crime was declining in the city when during the October election it was all he heard about at people's doors.

In an exclusive, Mayor Katz called for the Blue Bombers to release the feasibility study into a new football stadium, said he would endorse anyone who came forward with a waterpark proposal (and would be doing it if he were still in…