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Gary goes to Washington while media swoons

(Welcome to our new readers, coming to us courtesy of local pollsters and mainstream media pundits. Make sure to tune in to our show at 4 PM weekdays on 92.9 Kick-FM, for even more about the changing political landscape in Manitoba.)

The so-called pundits fell all over themselves yesterday and today to heap praise on Beltway-bound Premier Gary Doer, and demonstrated how truly out-of touch they are with reality, in rationalizing their predictions about possible successors.

Nary a one, made any mention of the NDP switch from true democratic one-vote-per-member to a union-slanted delegate leadership convention system at their 2007 convention, which led to the exit of Elmwood MLA Jim Malloway to the federal stage when he squawked loud and long about the change.

The bias of the predictors, who universally avoided mentioning the obvious downside of some potential aspirants, (i.e. Finance Minister Greg Selingers' involvement in the 1999 Election Rebate scam), and ignored Doer's burial o…