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Jan. 15-19: Covering the coverage on stadium and city hall

This week the show was able to get into the field and check out breaking developments on stories the city was buzzing about- the Bomber stadium study, City Hall handling closing community centres, and the Airport vs Taxicabs tussle. While we were at it, the MSM in Winnipeg got some kudos from us to go with the razzberry's.

Monday: The week started with our show having been honoured on Saturday with the ultimate tribute for us in the alternative media: a mainstream columnist took credit for breaking a story we had broken first. Last week you heard it here: Carolyn Brock of Manitoba Justice admitted that there wasn't 5 or 50 kids only recently identified as car thieves, but it was two hundred. Our callers had caught onto the effects of catch and release months ago but the authorities think they have things are improving and "get an immobilizer".

One idea about how to deal with youth crime is via municipal curfew. The ugly spectre of litigation was launched by 2 mothers …

Crime and breaking news: Jan. 8 to Jan. 12

Citizen outrage about the car theft epidemic in Winnipeg reached the boiling point, and we broke a number of leads in ongoing news stories as the week progressed.

Monday: Over the weekend, an S.K. Security guard had his car rammed by a stolen car in Elmwood and engaged the driver in some sort of confrontation. When it was over, the guard and his supervisor were charged with assault and the driver, identified as a Manitoba Warrior with priors for car theft, was in a medically-induced coma in hospital.

The other local story of interest, was from Brandon.

Maple Leaf Food announced they were suspending a foreign hiring program when it was learned that 61 Chinese workers had been paying kickbacks of $10,000 - cash mind you - for some sort of "training" before they left for Canada. Of course the Vancouver-based immigration consultant - acknowledged to be in a relationship with a Maple Leaf Executive- had no idea what was happening, and the company denied the relationship had anythin…

2007 begins in style: Jan. 2nd-5th

Lots of interviews and some breaking news too in a shorter than usual week.

Tuesday: The strange story of a "business invasion" at radio station CJSB on December 22 crossed our desk.

When we contacted the Swan River RCMP, they shed some light on the subject. Evidentally 5 people, two adults and three teenagers, entered the station on the Friday night before Christmas, and armed with little more than a bill of sale, proceeded to dismantle the equipment, knocking the FM'er off the air. Staff called the Mounties, who attended the scene and scored the matter a civil dispute involving a former employee and a genuine belief someone had sold the studio to someone else. The Crown Attorney from Dauphin will look at the file but charges are not expected to be laid. What will happen with the repair bill and the 8 hours of lost broadcast time is anyone's guess.

Consecutive drug and weapons busts in Winkler and Morden caught our attention as the scourge of crack resurfaced in Southw…