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Not even the undead are safe from the arrogance of the Winnipeg Free Press

The following is an exchange of emails between a Winnipeg man whose picture was used to illustrate a Free Press story about the local "Zombiewalk 2009", and the newspaper. A picture that accompanied the story was captioned "Some zombies got a little too much into character during walk downtown on Sunday night."

The story claimed "The surprise popularity of the event contributed to a "mob mentality" by some of the participants", according to the organizer, and went on to describe various acts of public disorder.

The man in the photo, clearly identifiable to those who know him, was smeared by the implication he was one of the troublemakers caught in the act. His work in the community with children and other adults, depends on his reputation as a reliable and conscientious person.

As you will read below, the reporter, city editor and publisher of the supposedly professional broadsheet thinks the normal rules of journalism - ie. get it right- don't…

Please help support the Kerry Brown Fundraiser on November 10th

As many of you know, my very good friend Kerry Brown, a big mean wrestler who had a heart of gold, died last month far too young at the age of 51.

He taught me a lot about life in and out of the ring, and his stories of working with the likes of Andre the Giant, the British Bulldogs, and Antonio Inoki were side-splitting to say the least.

I will be hosting a fundraising event in his honour and to help raise money to assist his family, in 2 weeks time, on November 10th, at the Marlborough Hotel in Winnipeg.

Dozens of people, wrestlers, broadcasters, fans, are working on producing and publicizing this show, to demonstrate their loyalty to the Brown family in their time of need and their respect for the memory of one of Canada's greatest modern day performers.

Special thanks to Bobby Jay of Kildonan Sports who purchased a $500 sponsorship package, and to Kerry's former employer the Westbrook Hotel for not only buying a block of tickets, but also stuffing flyers into their vendor b…

EXCLUSIVE: Panicky Hydro boss tells troops: who you gonna believe, me or Miss Whistle?

The Great Canadian Talk Show has learned that Manitoba Hydro CEO and President Bob Brennan is sensing dissension in the ranks, and has come out with a desperate counter-offensive.

The most offensive aspect being, he is claiming to employees that he is really, really, REALLY co-operating with the Public Utilities Board, even though a year after he promised to disclose information they asked for, he still has not done so.

"Hydro is more than willing to provide whatever information is necessary for the PUB to fulfill its important rates approval mandate ... it is necessary to provide the PUB with information in such a way that does not put Manitoba Hydro at a competitive disadvantage. Manitoba Hydro has always had a cooperative working relationship with the PUB and this is expected to continue."

Having taken the definition of "cooperation" from the official NDP handbook, Brennan then claims he has respect for the Whistleblower Act, after spending last week violating it a…

Will Ombudsman investigate Hydro CEO for breach of Whistleblower Act

New Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger was the man behind the vaunted Public Interest Disclosure (aka whistleblower) Act, which the NDP brought in after repeated firings and harassment of people like Pat Jacobsen (Workers Compensation Board), Tom Ulrich (Teachers Retirement Fund), and Jium Small (Hydra House) who flagged wrongdoing, was uncovered in provincial audits and media reports.

Selinger was also the Minister of Finance when Manitoba Hydro fired a consultant, who was ordered not to put anything more in writing after she alerted officials that the Utility had blown $1 Billion, and was facing potential catastrophic consequences as a result of faulty market forecasts and revenue projections.

Now Selinger has a new headache - today, CBC News trapped Hydro CEO Bob Brennan into the most blatant violation of the whistleblowers' right to remain anonymous.

Brennan had claimed she refused to explain the basis for her dire predictions.
In turn, she produced to CBC an email offering to tell hi…

Exclusive: Free Press publisher Bob Cox memo: why we axed the Sunday paper

"All staff:

I am announcing today that the Winnipeg Free Press will be combining its Saturday and Sunday editions to publish a substantially enhanced Weekend Edition for home delivery as of Saturday, October 31st.

At the same time, we are launching a new compact publication called On7 that will be offered in stores and boxes on Sundays starting on November 1st.

These are the most significant changes to our publication schedule that we have made in a quarter of a century. We have been considering these moves for some time and we wanted to make sure that we had all the details taken care of before making a formal announcemenmt.

I will be holding Town Hall meetings tonight (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) to discuss thse moves and answer any questions from staff.

The past year has been a difficult one at the newspaper. We have seen what is almost certainly the biggest year-over-year drop in revenues that the Free Press has experienced in modern times.

We have made cuts, but we also realiz…

Ashton to Selinger: 'I'm going on TGCTS on Thursday, care to debate?'; plus FP union internal war

One of the two contenders to become the next Premier of Manitoba has accepted our invitation to address the campus radio audience.

"Dear Marty,

Steve Ashton would be honoured to appear in a debate on your radio station..."
said spokeman Sel Burrows.

Today he emailed the campaign manager for opponent Greg Selinger:

"The two candidates have been invited to appear on Red River College radio for a friendly debate on Thursday at 4 pm. We are planning to appear on campus radio on Thursday at 4PM and we are open to debating Greg at that time for an hour, if he chooses to appear. Hope to see Greg on Thursday."

We have not yet heard from Mr. Selinger, who was personally invited to appear on the program when he announced his candidacy to run for leader of the NDP. If he accepts, The Great Canadian Talk Show will format a one hour debate between the two hopefuls with participation from Red River College students.

If Mr. Selinger does not accept, then we will conduct an interview wi…

Family struggle against Public Trustee's Office important cautionary tale

Tonight at 11 PM, and on Thanksgiving Monday at 4 PM, we will be replaying the exclusive interview we did last week with Marilyn and Howard Andleton of Virginia.

Marilyn's father Louie Knizat (K-nee'-zit) began showing signs of dementia last year, and when it was diagnosed, the Chief Provincial Psychiatrist called in the Public Trustee's Office.

The dementia explained his abusive behavior towards his wife of 64 years, Mary. Her lawyer told the PTO that she was dropping her divorce petition in light of the fact Louie had not been acting in his right mind. But the Trustee, collecting $7000 every 3 months for "committeeship", ignored it's own rules and kept their lawyer involved in the case.

They charged $700 to have their employees "appraise" the assets, could not explain why their new Transcona house was left a shambles, personal items piled up in the basement, why the jewelry was not photographed but the truck and couches were, why their own printed …