Crimestat flaws predicted 5 years ago/ Faron Hall poster child for failed NDP holistic approach

TGCTS opens today by recounting our recent Twitter interaction with the likes of civics blogger Brian Kelcey, Taxpayers Federation director Colin Craig and PC Justice critic Kelvin Goertzen that proves the relevancy of our platform in the current local media scene.

Then 3 main segments are undertaken:

1) The attack on Christian values by the left, as analyzed by CBC's Rex Murphy for the National Post, was almost predictive of the plan of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to blame Christianity for the Holocaust, even while as Tom Brodbeck reports, the federal money tap to pay for it is being turned off

2) Revisiting previous stories -- The unexplained (by MSM) reasons why the NDP had to roll out a 511 emergency communications system - it's a 4 letter word; Bernie Bellan raises the issue of the responsibility of the WRHA and Health Dept. bureaucrats in the death of Simkin Centre resident Lilyan Peck; and the Free Press estimate of the enormous cost of the bribe paid (in the form of higher wages and pensions) at the back end of the wage freeze the NDP arranged with their union friends.

3) The amazing analysis of Bob Axford on March 12, 2007, that the proclamations of then police Chief Ewatski and Mayor Katz about how their version of Crimestat would emulate US successes was a con job on the public. Recent blog posts by Menno Zacharias and Rae Butcher seem to back up Axford's hypthesis.

Plus a rundown of recent near-killings and robberies involving teenagers, the jail time for a rampage last summer on downtown bike riders by a fledgling gangster, an excellent court report from James Turner about a 53 x arrested for intoxication downtown vagrant and what should be done about him, my comparison of that case to recently arrested and intoxicated 'homeless hero' Faron Hall, the biggest example of why the NDP has failed to protect not only the public, but the perp (from himself);

and last but not least, Justice Murray Sinclair jumped on the "one minute to midnight" bandwagon and the Free Press had to censor dozens of commenters that called his bluff for making excuses for the potential of aboriginal violence .

And a reminder to join our Facebook group at the Kings Head next Wednesday at 7 PM for a roundtable and announcements about the growth of our platform. GET INVOLVED - YOU HAVE THE POWER.

Here is the Wednesday Podcast:

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