Friday, November 25, 2011

Failures exposed: Paul Martin and WeDay, Chief McCaskill and Crime "Roadmap"

This week, the mainstream media:

- Ignored the obvious questions about political bias and self-serving agendas that infected the presentations to 16,000 schoolchildren at We Day. TGCTS culled Twitter and the parliamentary record to bring you the other side of the story beyond the hype, about the event itself and the sorry history of former Prime Minister Paul Martin who pretended to now be the champion of aboriginal needs.

- Ignored the failed administrative practices, deceptive promises and insufficient math of Chief McCaskills' promises to bring more control over problem tenants and more cops to bear on crime in Downtown. TGCTS recaps the extensive analysis of The Black Rod that revealed how McCaskills' artsy layout cannot mask his failure to utilize Crimestat properly or to deliver meaningful change.

- Ignored the travesty of the Diamond Lane ticket trap on southbound McPhillips at Inkster, even with news cameras filming bewildered motorists getting tagged when the buses-only priority is not in effect. City Hall directed a cop to answer our listener Outlaw Adam Knight, who took the issue to Mayor Sam Katz and is keeping our audience in the loop.

- Ignored the disconnect between the Court of Queen's Bench on what would be acceptable conduct to "reasonable members" of the public and what a normal person would think actually went on, when the Labradoodle trial was compromised by a provincial Court judge's actions and a motion for his dismissal was rejected. We were there.

Plus: updates on the disruption of the Downtown Biz safety forum, the PC leadership race-to-be, the latest violent incident near the Air Canada building on Portage, and an arrest in the shooting of a 14 year old boy in the face last month - and a translation of the McCaskill-approved press release into plain English.

And no less than 8 shout-outs start off the show - along with the announcement of Marty Gold doing play by play for a cable TV sports special.

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